Cargo Trailer Transport

Boxes, Furniture or the Truly Unusual

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have a trailer and something to transport, but no time or the proper vehicle with which to pull it? We Haul RV Transport is here to help you. We are not a moving company so you will need to pack and load the trailer yourself. We will pickup your loaded trailer and deliver it anywhere within the continental United States and Canada.

We Haul RV Transport is committed to you in every way. Our drivers are held accountable to deliver your cargo trailer in the same condition in which it was picked up. You are provided with the driver's cell number for easy communication throughout your transport.

We are able to pull using many different types of hitches including fifth wheel, bumper, gooseneck, pintle hook and various types of ball hitches.

Our Commitment to Quality

Your cargo trailer will be transported as safely as possible. We ask that you carefully prepare your trailer and property for transport. Please refer to this helpful checklist prepared for your convenience.

For safety key elements will be checked by our driver prior to departing.

  • Tires are in acceptable condition and inflated to proper pressure.
  • Lights are working.
  • Doors are secure & closed.
  • Hitch, we check to see if there is any visual indication of problems.


Each driver will thoroughly inspect your trailer prior to hooking up to our vehicle. Photographs will be taken and notes written detailing any damage observed. Your cooperation in pointing out any preexisting damage is appreciated.


Once your trailer has been delivered and unhooked from our vehicle the driver will thoroughly inspect your property again. Photographs will be taken and notes written detailing any damage that was not documented during the first inspection.

Limitations & Warranty

Any road repairs or towing charges as a result of a failure by your trailer's equipment such as tires, rims, bearings, hitch or other mechanical failure will be reimbursed to us by you upon delivery of your load.

In addition it is expressly understood that we cannot be held accountable for acts of God or circumstances beyond our control including, but not limited to weather, vandalism and collisions that are the fault of other drivers.


If you need a safe, reliable and personable company to move your cargo trailer give us a call at We Haul RV Transport. We make transporting your travel trailer easy and worry free.


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