About We Haul RV Transport

Meeting New People, Driving & Helping Others

owner – “we haul paul”

My name is Paul and I am the current owner of We Haul RV Transport. I began my famous introduction into the RV transport Industry working with the previous owner’s Jack & Dianne, who were fantastic to work with.

Through the years, my love of meeting new people, having that competitive drive along with my love for driving and helping others fit perfectly with the RV Transport Industry. I traveled from coast to coast in the continental United States transporting RVs and other various types of trailers. that needed to be moved for people who needed help moving it.

requirements for rV transport

  • Our Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (MC) number is 3137.
    • Required to transport passengers or cargo in interstate commerce.
  • Our Department of Transportation (USDOT) number is 2958203.
    • Required to transport federally regulated commodities owned by other.
  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC Card).
    • This allows us to transport your RV to secure areas of port facilities.

The previous owners Jack & Dianne eventually decided it was time to retire. Under those circumstances! I was able to step in and become the new owner of We Haul RV Transport. Certainly this was an exciting moment for me! As a result I immediately began the process of getting my Motor carrier Authority.


Jack & Dianne started We Haul RV Transport in 2011. As a result they have earned a reputation of being a safe, reliable and affordable. But most importantly they strived to be a top notch mover of personal property and RV Transportation services. My personal goal was to continue in the rich traditions they began. In other words, I wanted take care of my customers the way they have throughout the years. And as a matter of fact, I am proud to add that I have kept up the excellence with 5 star reviews across the board transporting RVs

About The owner

My lifetime of work has always led me to the road fostering my love of travel. All things considered I began by answering my call to duty with the United States Army. I am quite proud to say that I had the opportunity to serve in 82nd airborne division Fort Bragg North Carolina. After proudly serving our country, I moved into civilian life where I began my work as a Journeyman Bricklayer. Particularly in the Minnesota Twin Cities metro area. I have worked on some of the largest construction projects in the Minneapolis/St. paul area. Besides a few others throughout the country.

The opportunity to work with Jack & Dianne in the RV Transport world had presented itself at the perfect time. Because the opportunity was their, it was definitely time for me to move on and start the next chapter of my life. Consequently I could not have found an opportunity better suited to my love of meeting new people, driving and helping others. I take great pride in my RV Transport work and would love the opportunity to work with you.

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