Boat & Personal Watercraft Shipping

you can count on us to keep your Boat and personal watercraft safe!

Moving Boats from Coast to Coast

We will stay committed to the safe pick-up and delivery of your boat or personal watercraft anywhere in the continental United States. We have several hundred thousand mile transporting boats and we would like to add more with yours. Drivers here are held with a standard to deliver your pontoon, speed boat, fishing boat, pleasure boat, sail boat, yacht or personal watercraft in the same condition in which it was picked up. For this reason, you will be glad you chose us.

Throughout the years we have moved several makes and models of boats. Altogether these include Ranger, Malibu, Larson, Lund and more! If you have a boat or personal watercraft shipment, look no further. Especially when it com to boat transportation.

Our Commitment to Quality

Your pontoon, speed boat, fishing boat, pleasure boat, sail boat, yacht or personal watercraft will be transported as safely as possible. We will always do a pre trip inspection for road worthiness. In addition we ask that you carefully prepare your boat and trailer for transport. Securing the items in the boat is equally important. Please refer to this helpful checklist for your convenience!

pre tow checklist for boats

  1. Check tire air pressures on the tow vehicle and trailer.
  2. Make sure you are towing the trailer in a level position.
  3. Verify that the lug nuts are tightened to the correct torque setting.
  4. Check the trailer wheel hubs for proper bearing lubrication.
  5. Secure outboard engines or stern-drives in the up position.
  6. Tightly secure the boat cover if it is used when towing.
  7. Secure and lock the trailer coupler so it doesn’t pop open.
  8. Connect the trailer lights and check that they are working properly, including brake lights and
    turn signals.
  9. Fasten the trailer safety chains or cables and the breakaway cable.
  10. Raise the trailer tongue jack and lock it in place.
  11. Snug up the bow strap and fasten the safety bow chain or cable.
  12. Attach and tighten the transom tie-downs.
  13. Properly secure all equipment inside the boat.
  14. Adjust the tow vehicle mirrors as needed.

DOT pre trip inspection

Each driver will thoroughly inspect your trailer, boat or personal watercraft prior to hooking up to our vehicle. Photographs will be taken and notes written detailing any damage observed. Your cooperation in pointing out any preexisting damage is appreciated.

delivery inspection

Once your trailer has been delivered and safely unhooked from our tow vehicle. The driver will thoroughly inspect your property again for any unfortunate damage that may have been caused during your transport. Good photographs will be taken upon arrival and detailed written notes will document any damage that was not visual during the first inspection . Certainly we know you will be a happy customer of ours!

Limitations & Warranty

Any road repairs or towing charges as a result of a failure by your trailer’s equipment such as tires, rims, bearings, hitch or other mechanical failure will be reimbursed to us by you upon delivery of your load.

In addition it is expressly understood that we cannot be held accountable for acts of God or circumstances beyond our control including, but not limited to weather, vandalism and collisions that are the fault of other drivers.


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